Health Ideas Back Pain Five Critical Causes of Lower Back Pain One Shouldn’t Ignore

Five Critical Causes of Lower Back Pain One Shouldn’t Ignore

Five Critical Causes of Lower Back Pain One Shouldn't Ignore

Back pain is looked upon as a common issue which is faced by almost everyone at some point in their life. Still, only a small section of sufferers consult a doctor for back pain but the severity of this issue can be ascertained by the duration from which the patient is suffering from back pain and how much pain is experienced by him/her. The anticipated causes The anticipated causes for back pain include the disorder in thefunctioning of any of the back structure such as the ligaments and muscles at the back or the intervertebral and vertebral discs. The other causes can be the ailments such as disc prolapse, kidney stone, osteoarthritis or heart failure available orthopedic surgeon Jaipur. Types of backache The backaches can be divided into groups based on the intensity and duration of the pain – Chronic back pain – Pain is said to be chronic or persistent when it lasts for longer durations with fluctuation in the intensity of pain. Acute pain – A pain which lasts for shorter durations is called acute . However, this type of pain is generally seen to be intense. Coccydynia – If someone suffers from a in the tailbone then it could be due to a medical condition whichis known as Coccydynia. Back pain with sciatica – If someone suffers from back which shoots down to the legs then it could be due to sciatica. For prevention and timely recovery, it is important to know and understand the major causes of lower back pain which are listed as follows – Lumbar Spine Arthritis – This medical condition can affect any joint in the body which also includes the smaller joints of the spine. However, itmajorly affects the joints of knees and figuresbut it is important to note that this medical condition can also be a cause of the lower back . Muscle strains – The muscle strains are the most common reason for the lower back . An important point to be noted here is that the lower back pain which emerges due to muscle normally resolves within a few weeks. Spinal Stenosis – This medical condition generally evolves in older people because as one grows old the spinal canal gets narrowed due to several medical conditions including arthritis which in turn leads to back . Osteoporosis – This medical condition can result in general discomforts and a number of other orthopedic problems. The back which results from osteoporosis is most commonly associated with the compression fractures of the vertebral. This leads to weakening of the bones which may lead to fractures. Discogenic back pain – A considerable back can be experienced if there is a damage to the intervertebral discs. This medical condition requires immediate attention from a back doctor to prevent worsening of the patient’s. These are the major health conditions which can lead to lower back pain. It is highly advisable for the lower back patients to refer a back doctor as soon as possible to prevent worsening of the medical condition.

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