Health Ideas Back Pain How To Reduce Low Back Pain With Herbal Lumbago Treatment?

How To Reduce Low Back Pain With Herbal Lumbago Treatment?

How To Reduce Low Back Pain With Herbal Lumbago Treatment?

Lumbago or lower back pain has become the common disorder which is associated with our muscles and skeleton. The pain area is generally located between hip bones like ribs and lumbar region. This health issue is associated with lumbar region so it is named as lumbago. Many research and studies have proved that 75 percent people suffer from lumbago at some stage in their lives. This sort of lower back pain can be classified as chronic and acute. It depends on the severity of problem and pain. There are some common reasons behind lumbago such as:

Tedious physical activity Past spinal injuries Poor muscular structure Improper posture The wrong functioning of the kidneys Unequal leg length Muscle sprain Ruptured intervertebral disc Any underlying illness Continuous pain in the back region Stiffness in the spinal area. Many people try home remedies to get rid of it or treat lumbago, so we have mentioned some herbal remedies that may be helpful for you. You should learn how to reduce low back pain at home. Cold Compress: This is the effective remedy for herbal lumbago treatment. This is an excellent way for alleviating lower back pain. Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel and use it as compress. Keep this clean towel on painful area to numb the nerves in the effected region. Cold Compress is helpful in soothing the muscles. It also helps reducing inflammation and swelling. You can follow this remedy twice or thrice in a day to get rid of pain. Garlic: This is an anti-inflammatory compound and very helpful in treating lumbago or chronic lower back pain. You can use few drops of garlic oil in order to massage the painful area. Chamomile Tea: It has anti-inflammatory properties and soothing nature that help reduce pain. You can drink a cup of chamomile tea whenever you feel pain. You need to drink it twice a day.

Menthol oil: It has medicinal properties help to treat lumbago and alleviate pain. Vitamin C: You have to include vitamin C in your diet in order to deal with lumbago. Vitamin C is helpful in treating lower back pain and it helps promote healthy bones and calcium absorption. You can include food sources rich in vitamin C including oranges, strawberries, lemon and much more. Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil: These supplements can be the best natural ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain or lumbago. Orthoxil Plus capsule is beneficial to use as it contains multiple herbs with anti-inflammatory property. It brings lots of health benefits to user includes generation of bone tissues, repair damaged tissues and cartilages. You can take 1 capsule twice in a day to get desired results after 3 to 4 months but you can get results soon, if you use Orthoxil Plus oil to massage the affected area daily. This oil also contains herbal ingredients to improve your overall body health.

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