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Blood Pressure And Reducing Your Risk

Blood Pressure And Reducing Your Risk

We’ve all heard the term ‘blood pressure’ and most of us recognise that it’s important for our health for it to be maintained at an adequate level, but why do we do so little about it? What is Blood Pressure?

Possibly the first answer is that we don’t properly understand what blood pressure is. Essentially, blood pressure is the pressure of blood in your arteries; arteries being the tubes that carry your blood from your heart to your brain and the rest of your body. A certain amount of blood pressure is needed to get the blood round the body. High blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, means your blood pressure is always higher than the recommended level. If you have hypertension, it is more than likely you haven’t noticed, as no symptoms may show. But if left untreated over time, it can have serious consequences. The worst implication is that as a result of high blood pressure, your heart becomes enlarged; making your heart beat less effectively. This can lead to heart failure, which often has fatal consequences. High blood pressure is also a major contributory risk factor for developing heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and a multitude of other lifestyle issues. Measuring Blood Pressure The British Heart Foundation estimates that as many as 5 million people in the UK have high blood pressure and simply don’t know they have it, as it has been left undiagnosed. There’s only one way to know if you have high blood pressure, and that is to have it tested/measured. Your GP can easily do this for you and is recommended that anyone over forty years of age visits their GP for a routine health check to undergo some blood pressure testing. The second reason why we do so little about our blood pressure is that many of us do not follow the advice to visit our doctor for a check. We’re always too busy, or it feels an unproductive use of both our, and the GPs time, when we’re not feeling unwell. The simply solution to this is, measure it yourself at home! It’s a common misconception that home blood pressure monitoring equipment is expensive and unreliable. Whilst this may have been true 25 years ago, this is no longer the case. In fact accuracy has increased at such a pace (as well as prices falling), you will see the same monitors being sold for home use as those used by GPs! The A&D Instruments UA767 Blood pressure monitor for example, is clinically proven and one of the world’s most reliable blood pressure monitors. It is First Aid Warehouse’s best-selling model, to GPs and home users alike, and costs just 29.99 including VAT.

This model and a wide variety of BHS (British Hypertension Society) approved blood pressure monitors can be purchased online from First Aid Warehouse, the UK’s premier supplier of first aid and medical equipment and accessories. First Aid Warehouse also stock a range of items to assist with exercise and weight loss goals such as step counters and body fat monitors, and there is also a very comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, personal testing and smoking cessation products. About First Aid Warehouse is one of the UK’s leading medical suppliers which stock a range of products including blood pressure monitors and diagnostic equipment

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