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How to Cure Sickness in Kids?

How to Cure Sickness in Kids?

Children have a sensitive immune system so they are likely to get sick sooner than adults. Especially during summers, they attract cold, fever, and upset stomach. Both home remedies and medications help in curing, depending on the intensity. Kids do not want to come inside once they are taken out to play, irrespective of the weather without realizing how outdoor play can affect them. A commercial playground becomes the most favorite attraction for kids, especially during the summer holidays. It is during that time they attract diseases I mentioned above. I am going to talk about the ways of curing each one of them, individually.

Curing Cold Kids lose phlegm when they cough continuously or when their nose is stuffed up or they have difficulty swallowing due to a sore throat. Following are the remedies in such condition Give them water, then offer them ginger ale or ice pops. As a modern alternative, you can also give them diluted fruit juice. Treat them with warm tea, ice pops, hot chocolate, or cold juice for a sore throat. You can skip citrus juices as they might hurt them. Chicken soup is the traditional and classical remedy for the cold and sore throat. Chicken soap reduces neutrophils movement that releases mucus; thereby working as an anti-inflammatory agent. Curing Upset Stomach The biggest mistake parents do when their kids are going through diarrhea is not offering them anything to drink. As a result, their bodies get dehydrated and lose all the minerals. Vomiting is another symptom of having a disturbed stomach and results are same as diarrhea. Even your child is on breastfeeding; feed him after a few minutes when he throws out everything. If he is above age one, keep him rehydrated by giving an oral rehydration solution every thirty minutes. If it’s difficult to give a glass full of solution, give him two to three tablespoons every once in a while. When he starts feeling better, cover his nutritional deficiency by giving him chicken soap. Curing Fever

Even if your child does not have diarrhea or vomiting while having a fever, he still needs liquid. Give him diluted juice multiple times a day to fulfill his mineral deficiency and dehydration. When body temperature is unbalanced, it loses a lot of energy in coming back to normal. As a result of this, your child looks weak as he has lost a handsome amount of energy. Offer him nutritious food to cover for his physical needs. If he has a low appetite, give him foods that are appealing to him. Kids love flavored yogurt, canned peaches, maple syrup, and raspberry juice. Try these things and I am sure he will soon recover. Remember, it takes a few days to feel himself again even when the fever, cold, or upset stomach has been cured. Keep on trying the remedies for some days until he gets back to normal. Nothing worries parents more than seeing their child sick. So, why worry when you know the cures for common diseases?

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