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Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization: What’s The Difference?

There are many terms that can be common when we consider cannabis. Legalization and decriminalization are two terms commonly used interchangeably with cannabis legalization but that is not the case.


Legalization is a term that makes cannabis legal to purchase. Legalization can differ from easy shopping and exchange to a specialty system for ordering. There are many states that are creating success in areas where cannabis has been legalized. Legal access to cannabis makes it easier for producers to make a better quality of product and something that can be regularly tested and verified.


This is a term that will remove the criminal charges associated with the possession of cannabis. Rather than facing criminal charges, the possession of small amounts of cannabis will lead to a civil fine similar to a parking ticket. A small amount can vary by state so it is important to check into your local laws accordingly.

Which is More Supportive?

There are many states that have chosen to decriminalize cannabis and some that sit on the fence for cannabis reform. There will be a continuing demand for cannabis and the cost for cannabis can often be raised through a decriminalized system. The safety of users improves, the quality of the product improves, and more through full legalization.

When it is more difficult to access a product safely and through a legal distributor, this often leads to illegal distributors and a lower quality product as well. Rather than spending consistent money on drug enforcement, there is a chance to experience less strain on the system with support and legal system over time.

Understanding the difference between the two can help you navigate your own local laws and make sure that you can get access to the best and safest cannabis in your area.

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