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Gift Ideas for Loved Ones with Multiple Sclerosis

Gifts are always appreciated if the giver has put a little extra thought into them. If someone you love has Multiple Sclerosis and there’s a special day approaching, you may want to pause to make sure the present you’re considering is a practical option that may be of helpful use. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Cooling Accessories

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis find that when they become too warm, their symptoms intensify. Known as Uhthoff’s phenomenon, this issue can be minimized with the help of cooling gear. A cooling neck wrap or vest, for instance, may be a much-appreciated gift, especially if warm weather is approaching.

Gifts That Simplify Routines

Sometimes, little gifts can go a long way in making day-to-day living easier. Night lights, pillboxes, and book stands to make reading more comfortable could simplify your loved one’s routine. A mini-fridge could also be useful if they have multiple stories in their house and want to prevent extra trips on the stairs. Portable charging stations are also particularly useful.

Comforting Items

If your loved one experiences mobility challenges or discomfort, gifts like pain relief creams, body pillows, and foot baths may help to relieve their symptoms. In the winter, comforting items like fuzzy socks or heating pads to soothe cool muscles may also be good options to consider.

Entertainment Options

During particularly intense flares, your loved one may have a lot of downtimes. Give them an option to pass the time with a subscription to a streaming service, an e-reader, or an audiobook gift card. You might also purchase some puzzle books, such as crosswords.

Assistance With Tasks

Sometimes, a little extra help is the best gift you can give. Hire a handyman to help your recipient with any odds and ends that may need to be addressed around the house. Or, purchase a gift card for grocery delivery. You could also hire a house cleaner—even if it’s just for one visit, it can make a world of a difference.

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