Hair Loss – Causes And Natural Treatment Methods

Hair Loss - Causes And Natural Treatment Methods

If you have ever faced hair loss, then you certainly know how frustrating the problem is. You may notice the first signs of it out of a sudden and you may not know what to do about that. Actually, you should understand that all people lose hair every day. According to the recent research of the US dermatologists, average hair loss constitutes around 100-150 strands per day, irrespective of the gender and age of a person. This is normal and you shouldn’t do anything to prevent this. However, when you start noticing that you’re losing more hair than before, this is the reason to undertake special measures to find out the causes triggering hair loss and get rid of the problem. Reasons of Hair Loss It may happen for different reasons and you cannot solve the problem until you find out the exact causes of it. Listed below are the major factors that may cause the disorder: Genetics If someone in your family faced baldness or loss that was not triggered by any medical problems, traumas or other conditions, then this means that you can be prone to the problem as well. There is the condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia, which implies that a person suffers from hereditary hair loss. You can’t do anything about this, except for taking care of your hair properly not to worsen the situation. Bad Habits Bad habits may also have negative impact upon your hair condition. If your lifestyle leaves much to be desired and you are addicted to alcohol or smoking, for example, or eat fast-food instead of healthy products, your body may lack oxygen and nutrients required for its proper work. As a result, this will, sooner or later, be reflected in your skin. Stress We often face stressful situations and we don’t even think about our health, when this happens. Unfortunately, frequent stresses may cause changes in your body, triggering different health disorders. This also concerns its loss. Negative Health Issues Health problems are often associated with bad symptoms, including baldness and hair loss. When you fall ill, you may not even know about that and the problem may become one of the first warning signs. If this symptom comes with any other complaints, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor and undergo thorough medical examination. Beauty Experiments Beauty experiments may also result in hair shedding and loss. Using too much shampoos, hair conditioners and other cosmetic products has negative impact upon hair and scalp condition. As a result, hair gets thinner and follicles become weaker, which eventually leads to hair loss. If you have found out the reason of your hair loss problem and you know that you don’t have any serious health disorder, then you can make use of natural home remedies to treat the condition. These products are found in any home. You just need to know how to use them to the advantage.

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