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Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting a Dental Clinic

While most people don’t like going to the dentist, sometimes the idea of going and what you think the experience will be like is far more daunting than the reality. As you search in Google for a “dentist near me,” put your mind at ease by knowing what to expect before you visit the clinic. Paperwork When you first arrive at your Markham dental clinic, as a new patient, you will need to fill out some paperwork. This will give the dentist office general information about you such as your name and address, offer data about any medical conditions you have that they should be aware of, as well as give any prior dental history if you previously were at a different clinic. Pre-Assessment Next, you will be sent into the dentist’s office where a dental assistant will go over your medical history and take any X-rays if necessary. New Patient Exam Once the pre-assessment and x-rays are done by the dental assistant, the dentist will come in and do a thorough check of your mouth. This check will encompass both the results of your pre-assessment and X-rays, as well as a comprehensive examination of all your teeth and gums as well as a visual cancer screening. Recommendations After the dentist performs the examination, he or she will make recommendations for you for future appointments or work that needs to be done. For example, they may warn you of the early stages of gum disease, the need to have your wisdom teeth removed, or let you know that you may need braces. Cleaning A cleaning can take place the same day or on a different day entirely. This visit to your Markham dental clinic involves using tools and materials to remove build up from your teeth and gums, give them a thorough cleaning and rinse, floss, and apply fluoride treatment should you choose to do so. Payment When the assessment is complete, you will leave the dentist’s office and return to reception to make your payment for the dental service. If you have insurance claims are sent electronically on your behalf which allows you to be reimbursed as soon as possible from your insurance company. Follow Up At the same time as you complete payment, and based on the recommendations of the dentist, you will be scheduled for appropriate follow up appointments. If this is simply for another cleaning, standard practice is anywhere from three to six months, depending on your oral health recommendation, but If you need other work done, the appointment may be scheduled for sooner or you may be referred to a specialist. When you know what to expect, it makes the process of visiting a dentist much less intimidating and no longer something you dread. Plus, when you visit the best dentist in Markham, you have nothing to worry about!

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