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Herbalife Nutrition Built Its Nutrition Products Business Through Quality Ingredients

Herbalife Nutrition is well-known and long-established in the field of nutrition products. The company’s forty years of longevity and its success are closely tied to its commitment to quality and using only the finest ingredients. Herbalife’s mission is to improve the nutritional habits of people around the world, and they do so by developing excellent and effective products, such as meal replacements, tea, aloe, and other nutritional supplements. They go to great lengths to source ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality. To date, millions of people consume Herbalife products every day. These customers trust that the products are produced with strict quality control, which has helped the company to attain its loyal customer base around the world.

Working with Suppliers That Are Equally Committed to Quality

Over the years, Herbalife Nutrition has developed outstanding partnerships with suppliers, including trusted farmers that have been in business for generations. This commitment has helped to ensure that the ingredients that go into Herbalife Nutrition’s products are of the highest possible quality. Beyond using high-quality suppliers, Herbalife also continually tests the products before they reach customers.

Some Statistics That Further Demonstrate a Commitment to Quality

Some of the statistics behind this commitment to quality are quite impressive. Herbalife has invested around $300 million to maintain the high standard of its nutrition products. This investment has included bringing in more than three hundred qualified scientists to the company’s staff. Herbalife also currently operates six facilities devoted to research and product development. The company currently utilizes more than 150 methods of testing to check for quality in the nutrition products. These factors have been instrumental in helping the company adhere to all regulations put forward by governments and all established global standards. There is no doubt that these factors have contributed greatly to Herbalife’s history of success. They help to guide the work done at Herbalife Nutrition as the company continues to create trusted nutrition products that are enjoyed by millions of individuals.

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