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How pain affects your immune system

The body’s warning system is pain. Your brain activates an alarm to alert you when there is pain. This helps your body fight off infections and viruses.

The pain usually goes away in a few hours. Your immune system can be affected if you are constantly on alert for threats. A poor immune system is not something you can afford in times of pandemics.

It is best to treat the root cause of the pain. Our Pain Care Specialist clinic uses regenerative medicine to manage chronic or recurring pain that does not respond to traditional treatments. Contact us with any questions.

Cortisol levels rise when there is pain

Chronic pain for several weeks or months can lead to an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone. According to a study published by the Physical Therapy journal, cortisol is needed to maintain blood glucose levels. It also prevents nerve damage which is normally associated with inflammation. However, if this level is raised for a prolonged time, it can cause damage to cells that are vital to the immune system.

Stress hormones can cause the immune system to malfunction or be suppressed. Your body won’t be capable of fighting infections like bacteria and viruses, which can lead to long-term damage. A study published in the journal Trends In Neurosciences found that pain can also accelerate the growth of cancer cells, as the body’s immune system has been reduced.

The Immune System Can Be Restricted from the Pain Effect

Our pain management clinic advises patients to eliminate their stressors. You must control the stressors in your body if you are constantly in pain.

You can also take pain medication, but you can also do breathing exercises, meditation and yoga to relieve the stress associated with chronic pain. You might be able to exercise or enjoy a relaxing hobby. It can improve your mood, and reduce stress by connecting with people online. If the digital world becomes toxic, it is time to unplug. To boost your immune system, get good sleep every night and eat well.

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