Health Ideas Health and Fitness Improve Your Health – Improve Your Chances of Keeping Your Job!

Improve Your Health – Improve Your Chances of Keeping Your Job!

Improve Your Health - Improve Your Chances of Keeping Your Job!

In times such as this, where layoffs and cut backs are the norm it makes sense to consider how you can improve yourself to ‘make the cut’. Those that have the skills, energy and enthusiasm will be much less likely to go. And if for some reason you are let go or better yet, choose to go, you will be mentally and physically prepared to make the career move to a new and possibly better situation.Work aside, feeling good, having the energy to do the things you enjoy and to try new things, looking your best for that special event, the confidence that comes from feeling and looking your best improves literally every area of your life. So what’s holding you back from making the necessary changes to improve your health, your physical appearance and your quality of life?This is the perfect time of year to turn a new leaf, press the restart button and begin making new, different and better choices.From a health standpoint, one of the best, most holistic ways to improve your body from the inside out is nutritional cleansing – not simply a colon cleanse, or even an enema, but a gentle whole body cleanse. Did you know at any given moment, most adults have as much as 20 pounds of fecal matter, toxins and impurities running rampant through their systems? Pretty disgusting, but true. It is no wonder so many folks feel bloated, gassy and their clothes feel too tight; again not a pretty picture, but reality for so many. It does not have to be this way!Would you agree that if you were to release some unwanted pounds and inches you’d feel more passionate about life? One of the great benefits of whole body nutritional cleansing is that the body is able to release unwanted toxins, allowing our bodies to properly absorb nutrition. For some this means healthy, long-term weight reduction, and for others that have trouble gaining weight are suddenly looking and feeling more alive. By replenishing the body with healthy nutrients after completing a gentle whole body cleanse, amazing things begin to happen. Some folks have reported releasing as much as 20 pounds in a month! While others who’ve struggled to gain weight are now gaining lean muscle and they have more energy than ever!Our bodies are a gift and we were created to accomplish so much with our bodies. Can you see how improving your health through nutritional cleansing may improve every area of your life? When you feel better about you, you function at a whole new level, in your work, your relationships, you get the picture.We only get one ride through life. As children we imagine what we will do when we grow up, who we will be. Does your present reality match up with what you imagined for yourself? Or have you been playing small because you’ve given up? Your ride is not over yet. When would now be the best time to make new, different and better choices?

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