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Individual Surgeons Influence Likelihood of Mastectomy For Treatment of Localized Breast Cancer

New research shows that biases in the treatment of localized breast cancer with mastectomy in elderly women may be influenced by institutional and physician biases. This conclusion was made in a study after analysis of a Medicare claims database. The findings were presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Study author Anthony Paravati, MD, MBA, of the University of California San Diego and Moores Cancer Center, San Diego, California noted that mastectomy or breast conserving surgery has become one of the major decisions women with invasive breast cancer currently have to deal with. He further went on to say that, patients should be given an unbiased presentation of all appropriate treatment options while leaving the decision for which treatment option to consider in the patient’s hands, with adequate medical guidance. The study analyzed the degree of influence surgeons have on the treatment of breast cancer with mastectomy vis-a-vis breast conservation surgery. To reach their conclusion, Paravati and his team analyzed data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database and identifiedfemale subjects aged 66 years and older that had histologically confirmed non-metastatic breast cancer. Data from 135,162 patients were evaluated, of which only 29,358 were used in the final cohort study. Findings of the study revealed the following: A total of 6,594 women participated in the mastectomy cohort and the rates of mastectomy ranged from 0 per cent in the lowest quintile of surgeons to 46.1 per cent in the top surgeon quintile. The results showed that predictors of mastectomy for each patient were older age, size of tumor greater than 2 cm, presence of at least 4 lymph nodes, chemotherapy, and a treatment in a teaching hospital Paravati concluded that reducing this provider bias would involve use of multidisciplinary clinics, multi-specialty treatment approaches, and improved patient education. About Cancer Center Las Colinas Las Colinas Cancer Treatment Center offers cancer patients the best medical treatment available in the north Texas area including the prostate cancer treatment in Texas & breast cancer treatment options through cancer radiation treatment Texas. Las Colinas Cancer Center was founded by Gregory Echt, M.D., a radiation oncologist with more than 17 years of medical practice. At Their cancer treatment clinic, they also offer you compassion and understanding, knowing that emotional support is very important to the healing process during your cancer treatment.

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