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Top Summer Eyeshadows 2018 – The In’s And Out’s

Brown, cream, beige, taupe and peach hues for makeup have been in trend for years now. I personally love eyeshadows and use them regularly. Because, they are neither too heavy, nor too extra. They always blend to create a chic and sleek look, unlike thick eyeliners. I recently got my hands on Norvina and Soft Glam Palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills and I just can’t wait to play with the shades. I have been watching the latest red carpet events, movies, and catwalks on my Frontier TV to get my makeup inspo. I even watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, by my favorite MUAs and vloggers to learn those amazing techniques and to know the latest trends. Fortunately, makeup brands have begun to launch some amazing palettes that offer both, the glittery shades and the subtle ones. The range of hues in one palette has made us break away from the recurrent monochrome monotony. In addition to the palettes that I have already mentioned, Prism palette by ABH, KKW X Mario palette, Morphe 350, Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette are some other recommendations. They all have incredible shades and offer a nice balance of nude, bold, and shimmery shades for every occasion.

Read on to find out what is trending in eyeshadows for this summer! • Brighten your eyes Summer is all about bright colors. Perky pops of eyeshades are all the rage in this summer and spring. You must have witnessed them too if you regularly catch ramp shows. You can easily get palettes with colorful hues or get single, pop of color shades to experiment those looks. Subtle eyeshadows are out so, use bright shades to make yourself glow. • Sun-kissed lids are the new rave! Have you seen those models in the catwalk who are wearing a soft citrus wash on the entire lid or around the eye? Yellow and orange are so in, which means nude eyes are out. It’s time to get obsessed with orange eyeshadow. Yellow eyeshade has been the red carpet trend that took us by surprise. Get your hands on some perfect marigold shades and muted yellows. • Subtle Olive over dark Greens Olive is one of those colors that toe the line between bold and neutral. But, it all depends on how you choose to wear it. I recently saw Jenna Dewan wearing the olive shade and she looked absolutely stunning. The interesting thing about the olive hues is that you can wear it boldly by using a good amount of the shade and, you can wear it subtly too. For that, you have to do flawless blending and leave no harsh edges. Shine bright like a diamond! Listen to Rihanna and get hooked on glitters this summer. Glitter is now available in every color and you can use it to embellish your eyes. You can use it as an eyeliner, on your lower lash line, on the entire lid, and so on. Get creative and play with it. • Lilac vs Gold This summer, the shades of lilac are going to be hard to avoid because we are seeing them everywhere. If you are a red carpet fanatic like me or, a fashion snob, you need to try the lilac shades on the eyes. Lilac seems to be the universally flattering eyeshade currently. Again, you can smudge it on the lash line if you want to have a subtle take or sweep it all over the lids for a bolder look. A little pop of purple is everywhere, especially in the makeup looks created by the celebrity makeup artists. Lilac is a safer and interesting choice than the usual champagne and golds. You can even try a deep purple eyeliner.

• Dark Blue is hot! As predicted by many beauty experts, blue eyeshade is the hottest beauty trend of this summer. The application makes it different from the 80’s trend of blue-hued eyeshade. Get your hands on some nice blue shades, ranging from deeper to lighter hues and get creative with the application. • Bye bye millennial Pink Millennial pink has been dominating the makeup world for many years, but this year, the trend is shifting to hot pink hues. Embrace the bold hot pink eyeshade just as our celebs have. Tap some matte pink shade all over the lids or blend the shade to achieve a subtler look. I would also recommend catching all the latest trends and makeup launches online. I am a self-taught makeup artist. How? Learned some amazing makeup hacks and tricks on YouTube and Instagram through my Frontier Online deals. I believe these forums are a great help for anyone who wants to catch up with the latest looks.

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