Health Ideas Health and Fitness Will Exercise Really Help My Health Improve – Part 1

Will Exercise Really Help My Health Improve – Part 1

Will Exercise Really Help My Health Improve - Part 1

We all know that we should be exercising, but what I really want to know is, will exercise really help improve my health. I am going to discuss through several articles the truths about exercise, and how much we should really be doing in order to gain any benefit from it.. If like me you thought it was all about running long distances or hitting the gym hard, then some of the facts that I have discovered will absolutely shock you.Scientific research is now proving that everybody responds to exercise differently. By identifying the correct genes in a persons DNA, a scientist can determine whether a person is likely to respond to exercise positively, or whether they will gain no benefit from it. They have also found that it is possible to vastly improve overall health by up to 30% using a method known as HIT or High Intensity Training. This method involves only 3 minutes of exercise per week.What does HIT involve- The HIT method is a fairly simple routine to follow and consists of exercising for just 1 minute a day, for a maximum of 3 days per week. The exercise must be carried out to your maximum potential, on an exercise bike for example. You must give it everything you have for a 20 second burst, then rest for about a minute followed by another 20 second burst. Finally rest for another minute and then complete a third 20 second burst. It is important to point out here that for the 20 seconds you are working, you must put in 100% effort. Do this 3 times a week and you will, according to the scientific research, cut your chances of developing serious health related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease by up to 30%.Why does it work- This training style works by adapting your metabolic rate to use more fat during and after exercise. As a result it will vastly improve your health and fat burning potential.I would not recommend you use this method of training if you are not already in a reasonable state of fitness, as it does involve a lot of stress on the body to begin with. If you are considering using it and have any doubts about your health or fitness, then please always refer to your doctor first. I can only go from experience and research, but for me it has worked and changed the way I go about my daily routines forever.In my next article I will be discussing what is actually happening within your body when you absorb fat from food, and how to improve the rate at which your body can disperse it.

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