Health Ideas Injury Athletes Use PRP Treatments – One of the Newest Methods for Healing After Injury

Athletes Use PRP Treatments – One of the Newest Methods for Healing After Injury

Athletes Use PRP Treatments - One of the Newest Methods for Healing After Injury

Never heard of PRP before? Not to worry, not many individuals have. This treatment or therapy is the latest trend for even famous athletes to help them heal from injury and get back in the game faster. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma; what it entails is a process where a tiny amount of blood is taken from a patient. The blood is then separated in a centrifuge andthe platelets are removed to be injected back into the patient at the point of injury. The idea is that growth factors will encourage healing and promote tissue regeneration. Proof has been shown that this speeds up the healing process. Famous athletes to include Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods have used PRP treatment and approve of the results. Being able to get back in the game fast is their primary concern. The good news is that PRP treatment is available to non-athletes too! Anyone who has suffered and injury owes it to themselves to learn more and consider undergoing this state-of-the-art treatment.

History of PRP Treatment Though PRP therapy has been used for almost a decade, there is more attention due to it being used on famous athletes in the last couple years. The exciting news is that it’s not just for them anymore, it’s completely attainable for those suffering injuries who don’t have a disposable income. Currently, the biggest reason to use PRP treatment is in the event of chronic tendinopathy. Studies show that it reduces pain associated with arthritis which is great news for even those trying to accomplish everyday tasks. While it doesn’t replace missing or damaged cartilage, it does relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis. Gaining Wide Acceptance The time is now for PRP treatment to gain acceptance and popularity, and it’s a good thing! While becoming mainstream, the treatment is very accepted amongst the medical community which is no surprise as it’s been used for almost 10 years. Things like use of stem cells and PRP treatment are the wave of the future and scientists continue to research these methods and related to aid in musculoskeletal injuries to not only cover up pain, but heal it. While there is not a ton of research on PRP treatment, and it’s not typically covered by insurance it hasn’t stopped doctors from offering it and patients from investing in it. That’s a huge sign that it does have success. Why wouldn’t one consider using what’s already within the body to heal it? Further, there have been zero negative side effects associated with the treatment. This means more willing participants in clinical trials. Patients report that PRP treatment helps them more than cortisone injections, which is something to be excited about.

Research on PRP Treatment The most recent studies on PRP treatment shows that there is accelerated healing for lacerations muscle contusions. It seems to enhance the healing even in injuries from overuse, which are common in athletes. It’s exciting to think of what else may be discovered in the near future. The most exciting evidence is that of the stories from athletes that have undergone the treatment and swear by it. While it’s still too soon to draw concrete conclusions for PRP treatment or therapy, athletes everywhere can get excited about the possibilities associated with it. As it becomes more and more common amongst athletes, PRP will become more acceptable to the general public and eventually covered by insurance. This will make it more attainable for all; so keep eyes open and expect to see it become a very relevant form of treatment by physicians worldwide, and soon.

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