Health Ideas Injury How Arm Pain At Workplace Can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury

How Arm Pain At Workplace Can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury

How Arm Pain At Workplace Can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury

LET’S UNDERSTAND FIRST, WHAT IS RSI? To know how a person gets struck with Repetitive Strain Injury, one should understand its causes that lead to a chronic arm pain. However, it is usually observed that people at workplace mostly face this problem due to the following reasons:

Holding your muscles in the same position for a long time Lack of training in the safest way to carry out a task Lack of variety in the type of work you do Not having enough recovery breaks Repeated arm use for too long Working in cold conditions Working too fast Working with equipment that doesn’t fit your body RSI is the term that is used to describe the overuse of an injury or occupational overuse. This type of strain is all about repetitive movements resulting in the damage to the soft tissues including muscles, nerves, tendon sheaths etc. Directly linked with forearm pain it includes many injuries such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, trigger finger, etc. Sometimes, people at work get mistaken by this pain and consider it temporary. But, being aware of its early signs can save you from a constantly disturbing pain in arm and in worse conditions its injury. The early signs that must be noted include: REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY- ALARMING SIGNS The first signs that are usually ignored thinking that they might be because of overwork and would be finished soon include discomfort, tingling or soreness in the neck, arm, wrists, fingers, or shoulders. The pain goes as, when a specific activity is ceased, the pain is not there, but when the activity is carried on the issue starts all over again. If the issue is really RSI then its symptoms may take few hours or days to settle and if it is not treated at the right time then it can turn into a worse injury relating the arm. Also, continuous stress at work, can make the symptoms more severe and long term. ARM PAIN LEADING TO INJURIES Pain in arm is extremely common, whether it involves the people at work, athletes or simply everyday overuse of this part. In order to manage such condition and control it you have to have a detailed diagnosis that would help you in leading a pain free life. The most common causes of arm pain include: shoulder, wrist and elbow pain that are very important parts requiring a detailed assessment and proper treatment by a pain management specialist who is an expert in such treatments. Causes in arm pain can be categorized by region and by structure, as:

BY REGION Elbow Pain Hand Pain Shoulder Pain Wrist Pain BY STRUCTURE Arthritis Bursitis Ligament Injury Muscle Pain Tendonitis (Tendinitis-Tendinopathy-Tendinosis) People whose arm pain leads to RSI, suffer from a chronic pain syndrome that disturbs their every aspect of life. So, in order to prevent this at an early stage, appropriate medical help must be approached.

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