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Joint Surgery for Sports Injuries

Joint Surgery for Sports Injuries

Common joint injuries in sports can be twisted ankle, sprained wrist, damaged knee ligaments and overextended elbow. Joint replacement surgery is required in serious sports injury where either the bones are severely damaged or tissues surrounding the knee are severely torn. Different types of sports injuries

Knee Joint Injuries The knee is the largest joint in the body. Healthy knees are very important to perform any kind of sports activity. The knee is a complex joint with many components which makes it vulnerable to variety of injuries. In knee replacement, the orthopaedic surgeon removes the damaged cartilage at the end of the femur and tibia and replaces it with metal components. A spacer is then inserted between the metal components which allow the joint to move smoothly. Knee replacement is usually recommended by the orthopaedic surgeon when the movement of the knee is restricted,there is knee deformity, chronic knee inflammation or any major injury. Shoulder Joint Injuries A shoulder consists of three bones, upper arm bone, shoulder blade and collarbone. Shoulders are another example of a ball-and-socket joint. The cartilage surfaces of the ball and socket are supposed to glide smoothly against each other to move the shoulder effortlessly. In case if the cartilage wears down as a result of any major sports injury shoulder replacement surgery is performed. The orthopaedic surgeon determines if you need to have total shoulder replacement, either the ball or just the socket should be replaced. Ankle joint injury Ankle replacement surgery removes the damaged bone and cartilage in the ankle joint. The artificial joint is used to replace the bones. Ankle injuries are very common in sports. Three bones are held together at the ankle joint by ligaments which are strong elastic bands of connective tissues which keep the bones in place and allow the ankle to move. Best joint surgery for sports injuries

Minimally invasive surgery is the best joint surgery for any sports injury. Orthopaedic surgeon generally recommends minimal invasive surgery for sports injury as it involves either one or two small incisions. Smaller incision in the surgery causesless disturbancsto tissues. Less pain, less time in the hospital and quicker recovery is offered in minimally invasive surgery, which makes it more suitable for athletes. Minimally invasive surgery also provides with high accuracy rates as it involves the use of video-assisted equipments which provides the orthopaedic surgeon with better visualization and magnification of internal structures. Joint Replacement Surgery in India In India a number of orthopaedic treatments are available for hip, shoulder, wrist and knee joint injuries. Treatments such as bilateral knee replacement surgery and Arthroscopy is available in several hospitals in India. Many hospitals in India specialize in the latest techniques and treatment in joint replacement surgery. All kinds of muscular problems ranging, from Arthritis to sports injuries, bone tumours, broken bones are treated most effectively in India at costs much lower than in the UK and USA.

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