Health Ideas Medical Services Important Facts about Lumigan Drops that You Should Know Before Use

Important Facts about Lumigan Drops that You Should Know Before Use

Are you facing excessive pressure in your eyes?

The pressure on in your eyes is also called intraocular pressure that causes many other problems related to the eyes. This pressure is not only harmful to the eyes but also dangerous for your body as it affects other body parts as well.

The pressure in your eyes is calculated in millimetre of mercury and the standard eye pressure is between 10-21 mm Hg. However, when the pressure goes above 21 mm Hg, you observe pain and other symptoms like:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Appearance of rainbow colour around any bright light
  • Headache due to vision
  • Sight Loss (in some situations)
  • Vomiting or Nausea

Lumigan Drop is an effective medicine that works well against this problem and drains out the excess pressure from your eyes. These eye drops are easily available at Canada Pharmacy Online store.

How to Use Lumigan Drops: Generally the pressure in your eyes is increased due to glaucoma or any other eye diseases. The Lumigan eye drops work well against this problem and control the pressure, providing relief to excessive eye pain.

To use these eye drops, you need to put one drop in your eyes and stay still. For the next 1-2 minutes, you need to retain the drops in your eyes. Follow the same procedure with your other eye and experience the change.

Important Points about Lumigan Eye Drops:

  • Never use the Lumigan Eyedrops at the time of wearing contact lenses. If you want to use this eye drops, remove your contact lense and wait for about 15 minutes before using this eye drop.
  • Prevent touching the tip of Lumigan eye drop from touching any surface or even your hands.
  • Don’t use other eye drops just after Lumigan eye drop. At least wait for 5 minutes before using this eye drop.
  • Entire precautions and instructions are well written on the label. You should follow them strictly to avoid further problems.
  • Don’t use this eye drops if you are allergic to bimatoprost. Always ask your doctor before using this eye drop.

Side Effects of Lumigan Drops:

In some cases, you might face some side effects of using the Lumigan Drops. There are some situations like swelling/redness in your eyes, vision changes, itchy eyelids, etc. which gives you clear information about the side effect of Lumigan Drops. In this situation, you should stop its use and contact your doctor for the right recommendation.

Furthermore, there are some drugs which might react with the Lumigan Drugs causing a problem to your body; even though you consume them orally. So, before you buy any other drugs, make sure you tell the pharmacist or your doctor about your existing usage of Lumigan drops.

About Lumigan Drops Overdose: There are no such side effects of using the Lumigan Eye drop in excess. However, you are never recommended to use it more as it may become an addition for your body, causing a problem when you look forward to leaving this medicine.

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