Tips to Use Essential Oils in Your Garden

Many people enjoy gardening, and for these people, keeping it healthy, green, clean, and fresh is the desired goal. If you seek out on the internet there are a lot of tips that you can follow, but one of the simplest things is that if you can’t keep your garden healthy and fresh by just simple traditional ways, then there is no use in using those pesticides and chemicals as well.

Keeping your gardening method traditional and healthy is not boring, especially if you can use various essential oil hacks. If you do not know how to use essential oil in your gardening process, you can learn some simple hacks and tricks from this blog. Using the traditional essential oil tricks will keep your garden clean and green. Whether your target is to repel bugs, summon pollinators, or turn your little slushy-mushy garden into a relaxing get-away, essential oil will always help!

Repel Insects & Pests & Bugs

To form a wide spectrum for the entire natural insect repellent, blend an equal amount of rosemary, thyme, peppermint, and clove essential oils in a spray container filled with water. And then shake well before you use it every time. Spray anywhere you want to get rid of creeping, skittering, crawling, or flying pests or bugs. This will keep your vegetables and greens safe from crawlers.

Suppress Fungal Attacks

For the treatment of existing fungal growth or as an inhibitory, blend about one tablespoon of tea tree oil as per cup of water in a spray bottle. Apply directly to contaminated plants once or twice a week. Don’t forget to avoid spraying on leaves when the temperature is very hot and dry as sun-heated tea tree essential oil can easily burn the leaves.

Create a Halt for Slugs & Snails

Hyssop, Cedarwood, and Pine are the best and reliable essential oils for keeping cowries off from your plants. Blend about a teaspoon of your chosen essential oils in a spray jar filled with water. Spray diluted oil in a circle around plants where slugs and snails like to visit and destroy.

Discourage Cooties or Beetles

Mice and other rodents or cooties can be beaten off by the clean, fresh fragrance of peppermint essential oil. Soak cotton balls with few drops of Peppermint essential oil, take the piece then tucks them into the gates of squirrel nests, mouse holes, and other bunny burrows to persuade rodent residents to budge.

Treat Bites & Stings Carefully

Bites and stings from cooties, bees, wasps, and other bugs or flies are always a possibility, even for the most careful greenskeeper. Mix two drops of Lavender essential oil, two drops of Chamomile essential oil, and a single drop of Basil essential oil with one teaspoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Spray this quick remedy to fresh bites and stings with soft cotton balls or pads. Use it carefully.

Create Your Own Mosquito Resistant

Likely the most well-known essential oil for resisting mosquitoes and other biting insects is Citronella essential oil. However, if you aren’t a big devotee of the fragrance of this pungent herb, then there are plenty of substitutes that can be applied to keep these annoying and irritating blood-suckers away from your healthy skin.

Green-Fresh Your Mood

Possibly you have a private little niche, i.e., a reserve filled with fattening things where you go and just relax after a long day. So, add on an essential oil burner and jam it with aromatherapy essential oils to intensify the calming and relaxing effects of your secret little garden. Try it!

These are some essential oil hacks you can use for your garden. They are natural and will keep your garden healthy and fresh. And if you do not have any essential oil, choose the good-quality oil from Young Living Essential Oils.