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Information about drugs and alcohol- why do some people get addicted while others do not

Some people get addicted to drugs from just taking it a couple of times, while others regularly take it but then do not develop a habit. Drugs have a different effect on different people; it is the same as one person get high from just one dose, while others get high after four to five doses. Accurate information about drugs and alcohol helps you not get addicted to drugs.

But this does not mean that you need to try drugs to check if you are getting addicted or not. Drugs, whether addicted or not, can cause damage to your body from the first dose only.

Factors on which addiction depends

If you know that why people get addicted to the substance, you will understand why some people get addicted while others do not.

  • Environment: If you have mostly grown up in a dysfunctional family, it is more likely to get addicted. The mother or father who used to fight regularly or drink periodically develops a kid’s psychological expression to fight no matter what. This pressure heightened the child’s nature to adapt to destructive habits and grow an addiction to it.

The child’s trauma increases mental pressure and emotion inside the child, leading him to mental disturbance.

There are other environmental influences also like stress, teenagers, and lack of socialism. School friends can cause pressure in the minds of teens to adapt to the harmful habit. The younger generation starts using drugs; the more is the chance to get addicted.

  • Pain: People who suffer from chronic pain take a lot of prescribed drugs. Patients who have gone through significant surgery take medications for a more extended period and develop a tolerance to them. They get addicted to the prescribed medicine after a certain period. So it is essential to take the prescribed medication up to the days mentioned by the doctor and, if possible, avoid pain killers.
  • Mental problems: If you are going through mental issues like stress, depression, or anxiety, you are more likely to develop an addiction.

Drugs affect the brain.

For more information about drugs and alcohol, let us know its effect on the brain. Regardless of whether you are an addict or not, it will release chemicals in the brain to create brain neurotransmitter pleasure to surge if you take drugs. Many feel it rewarding as the fun feels like it is necessary for the person’s daily survival. It provides more joy than any work like water, food, intercourse, etc. This pleasure leads the brain to crave for more in regular intervals of time.

And if you keep on satisfying your brain’s craving, it creates adaptation to the stimulant leading to a habit. After some time, the pleasure that the substance produces decreases over time. In the end, no amount of drug can provide you the same level of satisfaction. This result causes distress and irritability and makes you feel horrible.


Even after learning all the information about drugs and alcohol, it is not possible to judge from before you get addicted to drugs or not. So it is best if you do not try it at all. Scientists and researchers are also trying to understand the reason accurately. After knowing the factor, it is evident that many things can affect your brain to adapt to the harmful activity so try to stay clear. You will find more information about addiction in the link