Health Ideas Therapy Menopause and Its Treatment by Hormone Therapy Centers for Women Atlanta, GA

Menopause and Its Treatment by Hormone Therapy Centers for Women Atlanta, GA

At a certain age in a woman’s life i.e. 45 to 55, she begins to have certain changes in her body cycles.

Her estrogen level, which is the sex hormone for women falls drastically. However, it is a natural process that occurs in every women’s life, unlike Andropause which is more likely to be stimulated by some disorders.

Women face many problems during this stage like vaginal dryness, sleep problems, etc.

Their daily life activities are greatly affected due to it. To cure these daily life problems, hormone therapy is suggested to relieve them of their pains and problems. It can also be called as Estrogen replacement therapy.

Hormone therapy for women Atlanta GA deliver the most efficient treatment to help women improve their quality of life.


Menopause is the stop of the female menstrual cycle i.e. when the woman stops producing ova.

It is not a disease or disorder but only a new phase of life like the menstrual cycle. It is diagnosed when the woman did not have a period for 12 months.

The age for menopause can vary according to

  • Health Conditions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Diet
  • Bad habits like smoking.


You’ll discover having some symptoms during menopause like,

  • Mood swings
  • Frequent vaginal itching
  • Osteoporotic bone weakening
  • Sleep problems
  • Minor memory lapses
  • Decrease in sex appeal
  • Weight gain

These disorders can easily ruin your day. To overcome these problems, the doctor may suggest hormone therapy.

It is the best and pretty much safe solution for treating menopausal symptoms. Actually, most of these problems occur due to a decrease in estrogen amount in the blood.

Hormone Therapy for women

Hormone therapy works by increasing your Estrogen levels to an ideal or normal level. Estrogen is usually prescribed along with progesterone for hormone therapy.

It eliminates the root cause of all menopausal symptoms. It is done by many methods.

The safest method for women is by creams or gels which use a transdermal passage. Estrogen incorporates directly into your bloodstream without affecting your liver


  • Increases sex desire and makes it less painful
  • Decreases risk of osteoporosis, dementia
  • Relieves women of vaginal problems due to menopause
  • Helps in curing continuous pains
  • It has long term health benefits
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Promotes Better sleep
  • Induces better immune functions


Breast Cancer

Estrogen replacement therapy increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. It causes growth of the uterine lining.

However, studies explain that it only increases the risk of cancer if taken for a long period of time i.e. 6–8 years.

The risk of contracting cancer has discouraged many women to have hormone therapy. However, if you have had your uterus removed then there is no harm.


Like testosterone, estrogen also increases the number of red blood cells. This causes blood clots to form leading to cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, and stroke.

These blood clot symptoms usually appear at the beginning of the hormone therapy

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