Health Ideas Yoga Yoga Poses to Help You Learn Arm Balances

Yoga Poses to Help You Learn Arm Balances

Yoga Poses to Help You Learn Arm Balances

You will be able to explore your body strength and put in more of dimension to your yoga routine with the fun way of trying out and incorporating arm balance poses. For the people who have just started practicing yoga arm balance, it is significant, to begin with, a simple, yet challenging, arm balance which can help you explore the key elements of most of the arm balances which are muscle control, core activation and letting go your fear. So among the different yoga asanas out there, you can start with the Crane pose, also called as Bakasana, as this is one of the beginner-friendly arm balance poses which will help you learn the basics to the advance arm balance yoga practice once you are ready. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most general arm balance poses in yoga, the Bakasana.

The Crane pose will give you the opportunity to discover your balance and strength through the arms and the core and also teaches how to activate the body muscle groups so that they can hold onto these balances. Below mentioned are six yoga poses which you can practice first to boost your body to do Bakasana: • Chair Pose: The chair pose, also known as Utkatasana, begins to warm up the body core while still letting you get the feeling of the ground. When you begin with this yoga pose, you will feel the abdominal engagement as you elongate your tailbone. Feel the abdomen begin to ignite when you tuck your tailbone. This is the feeling you will want when you start getting into Bakasana. • Boat Pose: The boast pose, also known as Navasana, is also a good yoga pose which will help to strengthen the abs and discover your body balance. To begin the pose, start with sitting on the floor and lifting the legs up in the air. Next, lift the arms upwards on your side and keep the spine erect. Hold onto this pose for about 30 seconds and feel the lower abdomen fire up. After doing this pose, you will be ready to go to the next yoga pose. • Reclined Crane Pose: The reclined crane pose, also known as Supta Bakasana, is another great yoga posture which will help you feel your body core engagement which you require when you are in the yoga arm balance. Begin by lying down on the back and then fold and squeeze the knees as high you can towards the shoulders. Next, flex the toes and stretch your arms out towards the ceiling. The floor is a good way to feel your muscles which you have to use while you try the arm balance. You will be able to feel your body muscle engagement and understand what the pose is like when you are ready to practice it. • Carne Pose Kickstand: The Crane Pose Kickstand, a Bakasana variation, can be practiced by when you begin to feel comfortable for trying out arm balance. Start the pose on your tiptoes. Then get the knees towards the armpits and then begin shifting the body weight forward. Try and look as forward as possible and feel the abdominal engagement just like you felt in the previous yoga poses. When you start feeling the body weight tipping forward then try and lift the right foot off the ground. See how this feels and then switch to the left foot and maintain awareness of the abdominal muscles. • Crane pose: Once you have mastered the previous steps properly, you will be ready to practice Bakasana. The pose may not be easy to perform in the first go as it requires you to focus on the body weight more forward than compared to what you did in the previous postures.

But do not worry even if you fall in this pose and remember that you are just a foot off the ground. Put the entire body weight on the arms and wrists both instead of solely engaging the scapulae muscle. So if you maintain proper engagement of this muscle, then you will be able to perform Bakasana properly. Remember, yoga arm balances take a lot of patience and practice. So follow yoga sequences which you are doing properly and enjoy the journey. For more information:

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